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Brahmacharya : living like a god

December 5, 2012 in Transforming Life, Yoga & Meditation

The word brahmacharya means “living like a god.” Of course, in a life divine, sex disappears.

Brahmacharya : Living like GOD

Brahmacharya is not against sex. If it is against sex then sex can never disappear. Brahmacharya is a transmutation of the energy: it is not being against sex, rather it is changing the whole energy from the sex center to the higher centers. When it reaches to the seventh center of man, the sahasrar, then brahmacharya happens. If it remains in the first center, muladhar, then sex; when it reaches to the seventh center, then samadhi.

The same energy moves. It is not being against it; rather, it is an art how to use it. First energy comes to the hara, from the muladhar it comes to the second center. At that center you have a feeling of deathlessness; you become aware that nothing dies. Fear disappears.

The energy goes higher, comes to the third center. At the third center you start becoming very, very peaceful. If there is energy, tension disappears; you feel very, very peaceful, tranquil, calm, quiet, collected.

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