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Your ART depends on you

May 13, 2012 in Being Present

Photography by Inger Marie Arentz

If you are pathological, your art will be pathological. If you are enlightened, your art will be enlightened. The art carries your quality.

If you go to Ajanta, Ellora or Khajuraho, you will find a totally different kind of art. If you listen to classical music, you will find a different quality of art. If you listen to modern music, a different kind of art will be found there.

If you see Picasso’s paintings, they ARE pathological. Something is ill — something is ill in Picasso and something is ill in the world that Picasso is going to represent in those works of art. Never keep a Picasso painting in your bedroom, otherwise you will have nightmares. It is very representative of this society.

┬áThe society is ill, neurotic, but the art depends on you. The art does not descend out of the blue, it comes through the artist, it brings the artist. It makes the artist visible to the world — that’s what art is. That which is hidden in your heart, you bring it into a painting, sculpture, song, dance. You make it available. You open your heart.

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